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Course Procedures


Sign in and out each class meeting, for your safety.
Please stay with class group; there are hazards in hiking alone.
If you should have to leave the group for any reason, or want to extend your hike, let me know and I'll sign you out.
Let your needs be known. Get a message to the front of the line. Make noise if you have to.
Car pool when possible. This helps preserve our air, saves on parking fees, and makes parking easier when the group is large.
We will walk, take a break every 10 minutes. If you need to get your breath, use this time to regroup and take a sip of water. If you want to use the hikes for aerobic cardio-vascular fitness, continue moving in place (arm movements, jumping jacks, running in place).
In case of heavy rain, class will be held in the classroom. We will do g roup self-healing exercises.
If you have questions, call me at 565-2066 or establish a buddy in the class you can rely on.


Shoes with deep treads (no smooth-bottomed soles)
Jacket or t-shirt for weather changes
Raingear if appropriate
Plastic bag to protect your clothing when we sit down (often the ground is wet or sandy)
Cellular phone, if you have one.
TP - be respectful of others by burying waste.

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