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Tao Te Ching

Aleister Crowley translation

The Withdrawal to the Root

  1. Emptiness must be perfect, and Silence made absolute with tireless strength. All things pass through the period of action; then they return to repose. They grow, bud, blossom and fruit; then they return to the root. This return to the root is this state which we name Silence; and this Silence is Witness of their Fulfilment.
  2. This cycle is the universal law. To know((and acquiescence in)) it is the part of intelligence; to ignore it((or to rebel against it.)) bringeth folly of action, whereof the end is madness. To know it bringeth understanding and peace; and these lead to the identification of the Self with the Not-Self. This identification maketh man a king; and this kingliness groweth unto godhood. That godhood beareth fruit in the mastery of the Tao. Then the man, the Tao permeating him, endureth; and his bodily principles are in harmony, {19} proof against decay, until the hour of his Change. {20}